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My oc Abbey – from a book I’m writing for English

I know this is kinda just turning into people’s characters for an English assignment, but Abbey is the main character for a book I’m kinda proud of, so I’ll post it anyway. Abbey is on a quest to find an ancient doomsday device with one of her students the school she works at, and a master hacker who she doesn’t really know yet. I’ll comment a link to wattpad (soz if spelt wrong) when I’m finished but that won’t be for a while. The katanas are kinda her weapon when she fights the keeper of a stone she needs to find the doomsday device so that’s why it’s there. If you want me to draw one of the other characters I can.

Mia – My friend Mia’s oc

My friend Mia didn’t know what to call her so she named her after herself. A true friend and a brave adventurer, Mia sets off on a quest to find a nacho necklace. It was an assignment in English and it’s a very stupid book so far. Hope you like it!